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Bail Bonds Agents as an Integral Part of the Justice System

To explain the bail bond system in basic terms, when a person is detained for an alleged crime, a court judge sets a bail amount for them. The arrested person then needs to post the amount of bail as a surety that they will promptly attend all their hearings and adhere to the bail conditions until the court proceedings come to a conclusion.

Some people believe that the entire bail bond system is unfair. Their argument is that the system only favors people that have money and can easily get out of jail to await their hearings, while those who don’t have to stay incarcerated.

The truth is that these people are quite wrong, or perhaps mislead. The bail bond industry, in fact, plays an integral role in our criminal justice system. Let us tell you how.

The Bail Bond System is Designed to Ensure that the Suspect Makes the Court Appearances

It’s important to note that the primary purpose of bail is to ensure that the suspect makes their court appearances. It has nothing to do with innocence or guilt. If you decide against posting bail, you have to stay in detention, which means that you’re guaranteed to make the court appearances as law enforcement officials will transport you there.

However, if you’re released without needing to post bail, there really isn’t any “incentive” for you to make a court appearance. If you fail to attend, an arrest warrant will be issued for you and law enforcement agencies will eventually track you down. There’s no telling when the suspect will be arrested and when the case will come to a conclusion.

Bail Bond Agents Save the Taxpayer’s Money

If a suspect is released without bail and they flee while their case is still ongoing, the taxpayer will have to bear the expenses that’ll be incurred to track them down and arrest them again.

So where do bail bond agents enter the equation?

Well, the bail bond company that posted bail for the defendant would make efforts to track them down so they can get their money back, and the defendant can be brought to justice.

As the bail bond company would bear the expenses of tracking down the defendant, the taxpayer would not have to bear the costs.

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