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All the People You Should Bring With You When Turning Yourself In

Finding out that there’s an arrest warrant in your name is a frightening experience, to say the least. The prospect of spending any time in jail can bring out extreme emotional responses.

These emotions are completely normal—you’ll be surrounded by criminals, separated from the rest of the world, and your family will go through their own emotional trauma. However, all things considered, it’s still better to turn yourself in, as opposed to waiting for the authorities to barge in and subject you to a dehumanizing arrest.

Under no circumstances, however, should you go on your own when turning yourself in. Emotions aside, remember that an arrest doesn’t automatically mean you’re guilty—that’s something the court will decide.

You need to think of how you can secure all your rights, how you’ll arrange the bail money, and who you can bring with you for emotional support. This brings us to the three most important people you should bring with you as you turn yourself in.

1.     Your Attorney

Your attorney is a crucial part of the legal proceedings once you’re arrested. So they need all the information they can get about your arrest—most of which they can find out by going through the arrest warrant.

They need to know exactly what the charges are, when the warrant was issued, when the crime was reported, and any other piece of information that constitutes evidence of probable cause.

They can also watch out for violations of your legal and constitutional rights as you’re arrested and processed for trial and will guide you through the criminal process. Their expertise can go a long way in helping you cope with the events that will ensue after arrest.

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2.     Your Bail Bond Agent

Your bail bond agent needs to be present during your arrest, so they can ascertain the bail requirements.

With their experience in bailing people out, they can preempt your needs and begin the process for bail even though you won’t attend the bail hearing immediately.

This eliminates the delay between when the judge sets bail and you posting bail—shaving off crucial time spent in jail without a formal judgment of your guilt.

They should ideally work with your lawyer.

3.     A Friend or Family Member

While turning yourself in is a stressful event, you don’t have to go through it on your own. Bring a friend or family member along with you for comfort and support.

People’s accounts of getting arrested are often dark, and describe almost inhuman conditions. The expectation of going to jail is as bad as actually going there; having a friend around will give you the strength to go through with the process.

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