A Guide for Families Handling the Arrest of a Loved On

There’s a lot that can go wrong when someone you love is accused of a crime and taken under custody. Not only is it an emotionally stressful ordeal for them, but it’s also a very elaborate and difficult process to get through.

Just posting bail means paying a hefty amount and multiple visits to the court. However, thanks to bail bonds, the entire process has been made both cheap and convenient.

But before any of that happens, here’s what you need to do in case a family member gets arrested:

1.     Keep calm

Whether it’s your child or a sibling, know that getting into a screaming match with them or the authorities won’t do them any good.

There’s no point in going to see the arrestee and giving them a dressing down. They’ve probably already heard enough of that. Be patient and reassuring. Tell them they have your support and that you’ll try your best to get them out as early as you can.

Also, now that they’re behind bars, only you can help them out; which is why you have to maintain your calm and control your nerves. Only then will you be able to make arrangements for their bail.

2.     Claim financial responsibility

If the arrestee has a spouse or children that are financially dependent on them, it’s very hard to foot the bills in the absence of the breadwinner. This can aggravate the situation for the rest of the family as well as for the person behind bars.

If the arrestee is a close family member of yours, it’s your job to visit them and see if their family is doing okay. Offer some help in terms of food and supplies if you can’t dish out cash. At least visit them on a regular basis if possible. This will ease some of the tension for the family.

3.     Get in touch with a bail bond company

This is probably the first step you should take. If you don’t have enough cash to get the arrestee out on bail, you can’t let them stay locked up.

A bail bond company pays the bail amount on your behalf. In return, you give them an undertaking that the defendant will be present at all hearings. You also need to deposit some sort of collateral to secure the bond and pay a 10% fee as commission to the bail bond agent. After the hearings have taken place and the case is closed, the agent will keep the 10% fee and return your collateral.

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