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Why You Should Get a Bail Agent

Bail agent profession came into being when English kings would imprison a person and they would not stand trial for several months and even years. This meant that the imprisoned person will be away from their family, friends and work.

Bail agents were people who ensured the English courts that the defendant would attend all the trial dates. At first, bail agents were people who were of good character and have a name in society.

Later, it turned into a profession that involved companies with great reputations hiring trustworthy bail agents. These agents work with the policy of “innocent till proven guilty” till date, and this is what drives them to release defendants from jails. Here are some solid reasons why you should hire a bail agent.

1. They have the reputation

Licensed bail bond agents are people that the court and lawyers trust, because these agents are known to have a good record of bringing defendants to the court trials. Their legit and legal profession makes them the first option for most defendants. If an offender fails to appear in court, the agent can turn into a bounty hunter to find them and bring them to court for the trial.

2. They have the money

Whether it is a low or a high bail bond, a bail agent can help you with the amount of bail set by the courts. Since you can’t negotiate the amount set by the judges, you can hire a bail agent that pays the court at the time. This surety bond paid by the bail agent can be paid back over time.


A man in handcuffs holding money.


3. Quick release

It is harrowing and traumatizing to be arrested and even more disturbing to be in the jails. This is especially true if you’ve been accused, therefore you want your loved ones to be released as quickly as possible. Maybe you have the money but in stocks and bonds that you don’t want to hand over to the courts, so you can have a bail agent pay in cash.

4. Easy payback

The fee for the bail agents is 10% of your bail bond, and you can pay the rest of the amount easily in installments in the provided time period according to the contract.

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