Why Experts Feel the Bail System in The U.S. Is Cruel

It’s no secret that for several years now, experts have criticized the bail system in the USA. It was also the reason behind why cash bail was completely abolished in the state of California.

So why do experts have just strong feelings about the bail system in the country? Why is it so critical to the system?

The Divide between Rich and Poor

The biggest criticism that the bail system has received is that it leans in favor of people who can afford it. They further claim that in many cases, the bail amount is set so high that people just can’t afford to pay the amount.

New York’s chief justice has addressed this issue. He stated that jails were filled with people who had been charged with minor offences. These people were only in jail because they couldn’t pay for bail.

What Does Research Say?

According to a research study conducted back in 2016, there is no correlation between getting out of jail on bail and returning to court. The research study did reveal that people who couldn’t pay bail, and as a result had to stay in jail, were more likely to commit crimes in the future.

The point was that poverty, not the crime itself, was the reason behind most people being behind bars.

The worst part, staying in jail only makes it harder for the accused to readjust to the life outside prison. It also makes it harder for them to fight against the charges in the long term.

How Bail Bonds Helped

One of the things that experts haven’t talked about yet is bail bonds. These are beneficial for people who have financial problems and cannot afford to pay off the bail amount on their own.

A bail agent will just charge you 10% of the bail amount as a fee. This will be non refundable. They will pay the remaining amount on their own and will also stay in touch with the clients at all times in order to ensure that they show up for trial.

This system is followed in majority of the states in the country and unless something else comes along, individuals in need will have to rely on bail bonds. We can help you in that regard. We offer 24 hour bail bond services in Indiana and you can visit our website for details like the kind of bail bonds we offer. You can also directly contact us on 260-578-0505.

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