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What’s the Purpose of Bail?

What happens if you or a family member is detained in Miami? How can you get bail? What is the importance of a bail bond? What happens after you’ve posted bail?

The Miami bail statute has the answers to these FAQs. Although the legal grounds for Miami bail are publicly recognized, the legal jargon may be difficult to comprehend. For that matter, we’ve simplified the bail process into layman terms.


Take a look at this guide to understand the importance of bail in the USA.

What is a Bail Bond?

The judge sets a bail sum for an accused person to acquire interim release. The bond is backed by a bail agency, which pays the entire fee and takes 10% interest from the total bail sum.

The bail agency will lose the full sum loaned if the defendant fails to appear before a judge. Bail brokers are allowed to collect guaranteed payments from the accused, but they are not permitted to take funds sourced directly or indirectly from illegal activity.

Understanding The Purpose Of Bail

A bail bond’s sole purpose is to allow people to get out of jail as soon as possible before the final verdict is reached. If the defendant cannot make bail on their own, a family member or a friend can do it for them. Bail must be posted by someone who is at least 18 years old. Moreover, the offense determines the amount of bail.

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What Does A Bail Bondsman And Bail Bond Agency Do?

A bail case is allocated to a bail bond representative who manages the entire bail arrangement. The bondsman pays the bail money, and the defendant or their family is charged a small portion of the bail amount as compensation to the bondsman. As collateral, the bondsman accepts any scarce resource worth the bail sum.

This ensures that the suspect attends all of the trial proceedings. The bondsman is authorized to keep the resources as legal remuneration for their services if the accused tries to escape and refuses to show up in court. The bail amount can be released if the defendant attends all judicial proceedings and the litigation is concluded and a final verdict is issued.

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