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What You Should Consider Before You Bail Someone Out

There are a lot of phone calls we dread. The worst of these are the ones which inform you of a loved one’s sudden death, accident, or arrest. All three of the above are traumatic experiences to say the least. They also strain your relationship with the affected and at times the damage is irreversible.

If someone you care is accused of a crime they did or did not commit, there are several ways in which you can lend out a helping hand. The biggest of this is, of course, moral and emotional support. Other than that, you can help them get bail to avoid unnecessary pretrial detention. But before you jump right into it, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

Will they pay you back?

There are two ways in which you can help someone get bail. Either you pay the bail amount to court or get in touch with a bail bond agency. Both of these options require you to incur certain expenses. The question you need to ask yourself before making the payment is ‘Have they every paid you back in the past’? If your loved one has ever given you a reason to not trust them in the past, drop the idea. If the defendant chooses not to pay you once the court has given out a final verdict, this can lead to a feeling of resentment and straining of relationship.


Will they appear in front of the court?

Before you sign up for a bail bond on someone’s behalf, you should be aware of the criteria. You’re entitled to a refund of the bond money if the defendant appears for all the hearings, whenever they’re summoned. Same goes if you’ve sought help from a bondsman. The bond bail agency will sell your collateral if the defendant fails to make it to even one of their court hearings.

Think about this wisely before you get yourself into a bond bail contract. If your loved one has a habit of being unpunctual or going back on their words, chances are they will not appear for the hearing. Talk them through the process before making a hasty decision, if possible. Make sure you inform them about the laws governing the bail system of Indiana.

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