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Want to Avoid Bail Fraud? Here’s What You Should Do

When you are trying to post bail for your loved one, emotions can be high. However, this does not mean that you can afford to be careless. You must ensure that you avoid bail fraud.

Bail bond scams are so common that you might not even realize that you are being roped into a scam till it is too late. However, here are some tips that can help you avoid bail fraud:

1. Do Not Fall for Cold Calls

According to the law, 24-hour bail bondsmen cannot offer their services to detainees and their family members through cold calls. In case a bail agent calls you even though the defendant has not asked them to, make sure that you do not reveal any personal information.

The law does not allow bail bond services to be advertised in police stations, jails, and courtrooms.

2. Fake Error

If you get a call when you are not expecting one and you are told that there is a mistake with the bail bond of your loved one, do not believe the caller. You might be told that the bond is underpaid, and the defendant will be put into jail again unless the money is not paid upfront.

If you want to avoid bail fraud, you must keep in mind that scammers have access to public records and contact details of clients who are registered with any 24-hour bail bonds agency. The person on the other end might already know that your family member has posted bail recently, but this data can be found by any random person on the internet.

The scammer will want you to react fast instead of considering the facts. If you get any kind of call where the person on the other end is asking for an immediate payment, do not make a hasty decision.

Avoid bail fraud

3. Intimidation

Some 24-hour bail bondsmen use intimidation as a tactic. This is why a defendant should always be aware of their rights. For example, you cannot be detained if there is no warrant for your arrest. It doesn’t matter if you owe them some money- they cannot detain you without an arrest warrant.

If the bail bond agent tries to threaten or yell at you, you should consider this as a red flag. Hence, you should always pick a bail bonds agency that has good reviews- look through the internet and do ample research before choosing the company you want. Moreover, never ignore your gut feelings.

4. Random Discounts

Bail bond companies offer fixed prices for the service they offer- they have to follow these rules as per the law. If you find a company offering you a massive discount on their services, do not think that you are getting a good deal.

In fact, anyone offering you a huge discount is probably a scammer.


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