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Understanding the Different Bail Options in the USA

Every day, over 700,000 people are jailed in local jails around the United States. Bail is usually only imposed when the court believes that requiring somebody to pay on their behalf if the person fails to appear in court is the only way to ensure that the person shows up. The main idea of this practice is if they or their friends and families fear losing money, they will return to court.

Options for Posting Bail

The court should consider whether the bail bond will cause ‘undue hardship’ to the accused and their family members when determining how much funds they must pay. Regrettably, courts frequently disregard this rule. When individuals are unable to pay, they must remain in custody until the case is tried or they choose to enter a plea. Those who can afford bail have three main options: online, in court, and bondsman.


In Court

If the individual posting bail, as well as the individual charged, are both present when the judge imposes bail, bail can be made in court with cash or credit. If bail is made right then, the suspect won’t be taken to jail. Payments can be made on future court appearances date, provided the offender is present. Checks are not accepted in court.




In most cases, cash bail can be done electronically using an online service. This option is only possible if the court orders bail on a credit card and only when the offender doesn’t have to appear in court on a set date. Those paying via a portal must check to see if they are posting bail for the right person to avoid problems.


Bail Bondsman

Bail agents are generally placed around courthouses and are usually available at any time of the day. The accused will need to sign a contractual agreement with the bail bond agent that might require payment of a non-refundable charge and possibly additional funds or assets as collateral. 24 hour bail bonds agencies are regulated and monitored by the state and are only allowed to charge certain costs. Before signing the contract with a bond agency, make sure you fully understand the terms of the contract and the costs associated.


DeLaughter Bail Bonds

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