Tips on Choosing the Right Bondsman

Getting caught in a bad situation can put you behind bars until the time comes for your court hearing. At this point, the most important thing you’ll have to do (besides contacting a lawyer) is getting hold of a bondsman. However, like most service providers, all bail bond companies are not alike. So how does someone with little or no legal or technical knowledge get a hold of a quality bondsman? Well, we’re here to help!

In this blog, we’ll share a few tips and guidelines on how to choose the right bondsman.

Searching For a Bondsman

The first – and most obvious – step is to know how to contact the right bail bond agency. This can easily be done in two ways. First, you’ll have to ask a legal representative or friend for a referral. Most lawyers are able to recommend trustworthy bondsmen.

The second method is to do a bit of searching online. This involves vetting the agency for proper credentials and background and determining whether they are trustworthy or not.

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Checking the Bondsman’s Credentials

The best way to connect with an honest bondsman is to check the company’s credentials on Better Business Bureau. It grades them on the basis of their performance and lets you gauge the quality of their work.

Also, sometimes the company is a part of a state-recognized bail organization which is also a strong indicator of trustworthiness and authenticity.

Inquiring About the Fees and Conditions

A reputable bail bond company will always be upfront about their fees as well as its terms and conditions. Inquire about the upfront premium which usually hovers around 10% of the total bail amount.

It is not unusual for bail bond companies to set aside certain conditions to ensure their client doesn’t engage in illegal activities or a breach of contract. Examples of such conditions include drug tests, reporting daily to the bondsman, or maintaining schooling or employment.

Reviewing the Entire Contract

It’s extremely important to read and review the bail bond contract before signing anything. If you’ve agreed to pay a portion of the total fees followed by monthly installments then make sure it’s written down and appears in the contract as well as any interest charged.

Go through the collateral and see which assets of yours are at stake. If your home is pledged as collateral, inquire about the foreclosure period in case you cannot afford to pay the bail bond. Reputable bail bond companies usually extend a period of 90 days on debt and 30 days on a forfeit.

Choosing a trustworthy bondsman will ensure a smooth release from jail without any legal hindrances. DeLaughter Bail Bonds is a family-run bail bond company in Allen County. They have years of experience as bondsmen and take a compassionate and non-judgmental approach to solve their clients’ problems. Contact us today for more information.

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