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The Role A Bail Bondsman Plays In The Bail Process

536,000 people are detained in US prisons and are awaiting their trials. The court requires that the person accused of a crime, spends the time in jail until their case is settled. They can also pay the set bail and carry on with the case outside jail. However, most people are unable to pay the entire bail money for their release. Therefore, they hire bail agents to do the job.

Who Is A Bail Bondsman?

A bail agent or bail bondsman is a liaison between the defendant and the court. They help in the release of a defendant from jail as they’re waiting for their trials. They are required to submit an undertaking to the court—a bail bond—to ensure the defendant’s timely appearance in all trials. Moreover, 10% of the bond needs to be paid in full prior to the release of the defendant.

Roles Of A Bail Bondsman

A bail bondsman is required to fulfill these responsibilities.

Ensure Appearance In Court

Your bail agent can have you released from jail by submitting a bail bond to the court to guarantee your appearance in all your hearings.  Failure to appear in any of the hearings can cause forfeiture of the amount.

Duty To Find The Defendant

When a defendant fails to appear in court, it is the responsibility of the bail bond agent to track down the defendant. Some bail bond companies hire other specialized parties for the defendant’s recovery.

Responsibility In Paying The Entire Amount

If the bail bond company is unable to locate the whereabouts of the defendant in the set time period, they must forfeit the bail money.

Prerequisites For Bail Bondsmen

There are varying requirements for bail bondsmen as you go to different states. However, most bail agents are required a license for their services. Many states set age limits for licensure as well. In Indiana, the bail agents are required to complete a course and pass an exam for their license as a bail agent.

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