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Prostitution and Solicitation Laws in Indiana

Prostitution is not a new concept. It is widely regarded as one of the world’s oldest professions. According to the Huffington Post, the sex trade is one of America’s largest and the most dominant unregulated industries.

Let’s see how the profession is dealt with in Indiana:

Legal definition

According to the legal definition, prostitution is the name given to the act of performing sexual acts in exchange for money. In most parts of the world (including the US), prostitution is a crime. However, some states like Nevada have legalized the profession and is restricted to licensed prostitution facilities.

Solicitation is different. Solicitation refers to advertising your services as a prostitute. The offense doesn’t necessarily involve the act of prostitution itself. It is more about using your conduct to offer your services.

To be convicted for solicitation, you need to engage in the act openly. It’s a specific intent crime. The offender will only be convicted if they make a serious money offer for the crime. Enticing or publicly inducing someone to engage in prostitution also counts as solicitation.

What does the law of Indiana state?

Human trafficking for prostitution is illegal and punishable in Indiana. All forms of non-consensual sexual acts are strictly prohibited. The seller who forces anyone into sex slavery or promotes prostitution will be dealt with strictly.

According to the Indiana’s laws, three main parties in Indiana come under the provisions of sex laws. These include the sex seller, the promoter, and the buyer.

Prostitution is treated as a misdemeanor in Indiana. However, the crime may be upgraded to a felony if the defendant is convicted multiple times. However, pimping is a felony, and the charges are greater than that of prostitution. In each case, penalties differ according to the age of the sex slave and whether the sex slave is being trafficked or not.

Differences between prostitution and promoting prostitution

The two crimes are treated very differently because of different legal definitions.

According to the law of Indiana, prostitution refers to offering sexual services knowingly, in exchange for money.

On the other hand, promoting prostitution includes forcing or compelling someone to become a prostitute. It also includes procuring a prostitute to the point of service, controlling a prostitution facility, receiving any money earned by a prostitute, and directing a person to a prostitution facility on purpose.

Penalties for both crimes depend on the victim’s age. If a minor is trafficked by an adult, it’s a Level 2 felony. If you compel a person under 18 to engage in prostitution, it is a Level 4 felony. Patronizing or prostituting a sex trafficking victim is Level 5 Felony. In the case of prior convictions, the same is Level 6 felony.

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