How to Tell Whether Your Bail Bond Agent Is Licensed?

Being arrested leaves you in an emotionally vulnerable state, and the last thing you’d want in addition to that is to be scammed by a fraudulent bail bondsman.

This is why you should always check whether a bail bond agent is licensed.

Here’s how you can do so:

Does the bail bond service have an online presence?

It’s important to know that under Indiana state law, licenses are conferred upon individual bail bond agents and not agencies or corporations. However, by getting to know the agency better, you can determine whether their agents are licensed.

It’s easy to tell if a bail bond service is being honest and transparent about their services if they have a robust online presence. The first time you hear of a service, look them up on the internet and see if they have a website. Do the same for social media and read up on their reviews. Reviews usually tell you a lot about how honest a bail bond agency is in the way they deal with their clients.

If you find absolutely no feedback on the internet, consider it a red flag and find another agency.

Do they have an office?

When you first call up a bail bond agent, ask them if they have an office. You can also check their website to see if there’s a legitimate address mentioned.

Feel free to ask questions

If you’re investing your time and money in hiring a bail bond agent, you have every right to ask for evidence. As a rule of thumb, a bail bond agent should show you their license without even being asked. This establishes their credibility and transparency. Some of them may even have it displayed inside their office.

On the other hand, if the agent is acting strange, making excuses, or procrastinating: they probably don’t have a license. A bail bond agent has no right to be offended if asked for a license. Always remember to be a smart consumer and ask!

DeLaughter Bail Bonds is pleased to announce that all of our bail bond agents are licensed! Get in touch if you’re based in Indiana.

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