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How to Bail Someone Out of Jail in Indiana With No Money?

If you don’t have money, you can still bail yourself or someone else out of jail in Indiana. Besides posting bail with your own cash, the law also offers other options, including bail bond agents, collateral, or release on own recognizance.

Continue reading this guide to learn about the other three methods to bail someone out of jail. You can also render our bail bond services in Indiana if you’re looking for one.

Release of Own Recognizance

A judge releases the defendant on their own recognizance, otherwise called OR’d. The judge may forgo the bail and release the defendant from custody on the condition that they will appear at a court hearing. Hence, it’s called being released on its own recognizance.

The term implies that the court trusts you to obey the law. ORs are generally granted in minor criminal charges such as shoplifting, traffic offenses, adolescent offenses, or other infractions.

You don’t need to pay bail in such cases.

Put Up Collateral

You can get someone out of jail through collateral if you don’t have money. Collateral is something that carries significant value and will cover the bail amount. This will grant you release until the court hearing.

Collateral placement assures that the defendant will appear at the trial. If they fail to appear, the court can forfeit the collateral and issue an arrest warrant.

Some of the collateral that you can use include bonds, real estate, stocks, vehicles, jewelry, and boats. However, putting collateral isn’t as popular an option as others.

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Hire A Bail Bond Service

Hiring a bail bond service is the safest and most popular option in Indiana to get someone out on bail. Bail bond companies are experienced agents who take care of the paperwork, assure confidentiality, and can raise money for the defendant.

The defendant signs a bail bond contract. The judge sets a bail amount, of which you’ll pay a non-refundable fee. A bail bond company will charge a set percentage of the bail amount.

Since these companies have years of experience and a license to operate as an agent, they can protect your rights, expedite the process, and prevent you from making poor financial decisions.

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