Duties And Responsibilities Of An Indemnitor

The court requires you to be in custody for the entire criminal case once you’ve been accused of a crime. The court then sets an amount for your bail that you can pay for your release. This amount acts as an incentive for you to show up for all your court hearings. Once the criminal case is settled and the defendant appears in all of their hearings, the bail amount is refunded. However, if the defendant fails to appear in any of their trials, the bail money is forfeited.

Bail money can vary according to the offense and your criminal record. Often, this bail money is unaffordable. Those who are unable to pay this amount and are required to remain in detention till their case is settled.

Bail Bonds

Since the bail amount can often be too much, defendants can hire bail agents to pay for their release. The bail agent submits a bail bond to the court for the defendant’s release while acting as surety that the defendant appears in all their trials.


The defendant can ask another person to pay on their behalf. This person is an indemnitor or a co-signer of the bond agreement between the defendant and the agent.

Responsibilities Of The Indemnitor

While an indemnitor plays an important role in the release of a defendant from jail, they must fulfill these responsibilities as they sign on the bond agreement.

Ensuring The Defendant’s Appearance In All Their Trials

After signing the bond agreement, the indemnitor must ensure that the defendant attends all of their trials in court. If the defendant fails to appear in any of their trials, an arrest warrant may be issued and the indemnitor becomes responsible to pay for all the charges incurred.

Making Sure The Defendant’s Follows Court Orders

Depending on the offense and the severity of the case, the court may put several conditions on the defendant after their release from jail—such as travelling restrictions or restrictions on engaging with certain people.  It is the indemnitor’s job as a cosigner of the bail bond, to ensure the defendant fulfills such orders from the court. Failure in following orders may result in the forfeiture of the bond.

As an indemnitor, you have a huge responsibility on your shoulders for the release of the defendant and ensuring their presence in all their hearings. We at DeLaughter Bail Bonds are committed to making the bailing process easier for you and providing you with top-quality bail bonds services in North Manchester, IN. Reach out to us today for our support and we’ll get started on your case promptly.

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