Types of bail bonds

Different Kinds of Bonds and Their Benefits

When referring to types of bonds, it must be kept in mind that each one is different from the others. The most common bail bonds that defendants can use are property bonds, surety bonds, recognizance bonds, citation bonds, and cash bail.

In this article, we will talk about some of the most popular kinds of bail bonds that defendants usually choose.

1. Property Bonds

Property bonds are types of bonds in which the defendant uses property as collateral. However, the full rights of the property must be handed over if a defendant uses property bonds. Usually, individuals end up using real estate as collateral, but they can use anything else as well.

Apart from the main differences between surety bonds and property bonds, property bonds take multiple weeks to process. This is because there are lots of inspections and loads of paperwork that need to be approved before a property bond can be given to a defendant.

2. Surety Bonds

This is the most basic type of bail bond that is given through a 24-hour bail bonds agency. This bond costs the defendant a certain percentage of the bail amount.

These types of bonds are commonly chosen by defendants because usually, bail is set at an amount that most defendants cannot afford. Since they cannot usually afford bail all by themselves, defendants take help from a bonds agency by buying a surety bond and then paying it back over some months or years.

3. Recognizance Bonds

Bail bonds


These types of bonds are one of the most popular among defendants because they do not have to pay a single penny upfront.

Similar to citation bonds, recognizance bonds depend on the arresting officer. The only difference is that the defendant will have to visit a court of law to fight for his freedom.

4. Citation Bonds

A citation bond is an option when the defendant is given a citation, most commonly when they have broken traffic rules but were not taken into custody. This usually depends on the citing officer, which means that the defendant cannot appeal or apply for a citation release bond by themselves.

5. Cash Bail

Cash bail is a bail bond that is paid in cash. This is the best option for defendants who have a lot of money, as they can easily afford to pay their bail without worrying about spending even a single night in jail.

As long as the defendant shows up to all the court appointments and court dates, their trial will end. Moreover, the court will also return the cost of the bond to you, which means that in the long run, you do not end up losing any money at all.


With so many types of bonds, it can be easy to get confused. However, the good news is that a licensed bail bonds agent can guide you and help you decide the kind of bond that is right for your circumstance.

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