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Detention for the Dangerous: The Bail Reform Act of 1984

When an individual gets arrested in the US, they have the option of getting bail. A bail is an assurance that the accused will follow all judicial orders. Over the five years to 2020, the bail bond services industry generated over $2 billion annually.

Each US state has unique laws and procedures, but the fundamentals are the same across the board. The bail sum is usually set by the judge based on the crime. However, the sum can be changed if the accused is considered a flight risk.

The accused can make or post bail if the court determines they can leave custody and return on their court date. Someone who has been released from custody pending their court appearance is referred to as “post bail.” They can go wherever they want as long as they pledge to return

Now the question is what will happen if the accused leaves the country while on parole. According to the US laws, they will get deported. But how did this law emerge? Take a look at this guide to understand how the bail reform of 1984 revolutionized the bail bond process

Understanding The Bail Reform Act Of 1984

After the reform of 1966 failed, the US government was concerned about criminals roaming around the street and endangering society. So in 1984, a new reform was introduced.

The Bail Reform Act of 1984 enables preventative detention by allowing a convict who will harm society’s welfare to be held in custody before their trial. Preventive detention causes an undue burden for pretrial inmates and distorts the contentious nature of the criminal justice system.

A pretrial convict may also lose their job and have their family life disrupted. Both defendants later judged guilty or innocent may face jail for reasons unrelated to the charge’s outcome. Convicts cannot prepare their cases because they cannot participate freely.

A jail sentence may be a physiological incentive for a suspect to plead guilty. Researchers have suggested that defendants are more likely to be punished and get harsher sentences than non-detainees.


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