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Bail Bonds-What You Need To Know

The US is guilty of detaining more people before conviction than there are people in jails in most of the countries. Most people held captive are too poor to pay the bail amount and hence are required to remain in detention till their case is settled. Depending on the severity of the case, settling period can extend from several days to weeks. However, there is a way for detainees to have their freedom—by opting for bail bonds.

Understanding Bail Bonds

What Is Bail?

When you’re accused of a crime, you need to remain in custody until you’re proven innocent. The court then sets an amount in accordance with the crime that you can pay for your release. This is called bail and it comes with its own set of conditions.

The bail money is kept as incentive for you to appear in all the hearings of the court. The court can forfeit the bail amount if a defendant fails to attend court hearings. Once all your legal hearings are completed, and you’re proven innocent—this bail money is returned to you in full.

Purpose Of Bail Bonds

Mostly, the amount set for bail is unaffordable for many.  In such a case, the defendant can hire a bail agent who pays a bail bond to the court instead. A bail bond is a legal undertaking that the bail agent submits to the court with the promise that they’ll ensure the appearance of the defendant in all the trials. Moreover, 10% of the bond needs to be paid in full prior to the release.

Types Of Bail Bonds

DeLaughter offers you surety and transfer bonds.

Surety Bonds

In this type of bail bond, the bail agent pays the bail bond to the court while promising the defendant’s appearance in trials. The defendant has to pay a small percentage of the bail amount to the bail agent for their service.

Transfer Bonds

If you’re in a location other than where the bond is executed, you’re required to submit a transfer bond. You can transfer the amount to the original location through your agent.

We Can Pay Your Bail!

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