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Bail Bonds 101: Information You Should Know

Have you ever wondered what bail bonds are and how they work? Then this article can help. When a friend or a loved one has been arrested, the last thing anyone would want is to try and understand legal jargon. However, most only learn about them when they need help.

Bail bonds are a critical part of the legal system that can change someone’s life and enable them to get their legal rights.

This blog is a comprehensive guide on things to know about bail bonds in Indiana.

Defining Bail Bonds in Indiana

Bail bonds in Indiana are surety bond that acts as an agreement between the defendant and the court. It guarantees that the individual facing arrest will appear for trial or pay money ordered by the court. This system is only found in the United States and the Philippines.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

When an individual faces arrest, the judge sets a bail amount to help ensure they show up for their trial. That’s because it is a required money deposit that guarantees the defendant won’t miss the specified dates of the court or skip town.

However, not everyone can pay a hefty amount of money for bail. This is where bail bonds help.

Bail bonds enable people charged with a crime to evade arrest while they wait for the trial. These are a type of surety bond guaranteeing the defendant will appear for trial.

Bail bonds are ensured by bail bond agents acting as the middlemen between the two parties. In return, they take 10% of the bail amount as a fee. If the defendant fails to show up for the trial, the agents pay the full amount to the court.

Types of Bail Bonds

There are several types of bail bonds in Indiana. We have listed some of the common ones below.

  1. Surety bonds

This is the most common type of bail bond in Indiana. It involves a bail bond agent posting the bail on behalf of the defendant for a fee. They are also responsible for ensuring the accused person shows up for trial.


  1. Property bail bonds

This bail bond entails the person using their property as collateral to acquire bail.


  1. Transfer bail bonds

These bail bonds are acquired for someone arrested in a state other than where the bond was initially written.

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