Understanding The Steps Of Criminal Trial In The US

3 Types Of Warrants In the US

Imagine your loved one gets arrested, and you don’t know what to do. Sounds like a nightmare, right?

A judge issues a warrant to either arrest a criminal or search an area. Being arrested is typically a shocking experience that can affect a person’s reputation. Therefore, you must always have a strategic plan. Learning about state laws and regulations, and hiring experienced legal counsel, will help you tackle legal situations.

DeLaughter Bail Bonds understands how hard it is for most people to understand the legal system, so we have compiled a list of important warrants you should know about.

Take a look at this guide to learn about some of the most common types of warrants.

1. Search Warrant

A search warrant enables police officers to search an individual, place, or vehicle to find evidence.

The Constitution safeguards civilians from unauthorized police searches. For this reason, police officers need a search warrant to search a facility. The judge will issue a search warrant if you’re accused of possessing illegal substances like drugs, guns, or other items.

2. Arrest Warrant

An arrest warrant enables cops to detain a suspect charged with a crime. The warrant is granted based on accredited affidavits and evidence, which assert that the accused person could have committed a serious crime.


A person handcuffed after getting arrested in Indiana


According to the Constitution, the police officers must locate and identify the suspect before arresting them to avoid imprisoning an innocent citizen.

3. Bench Warrant

This type of warrant is issued when someone defies the legal code, skips a judicial hearing, or fails to pay speeding tickets. You will be given a chance to post bail after being held, but if you cannot do so, you will remain in custody until your trial date. This kind of warrant may be issued in both civil and criminal cases.


A bail bond service provider with a client


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