3 Things You Should Know About Allen County Bail Bonds to Get Someone Out Of Jail

Allen County was making headlines recently over the arrest of two individuals who were taken into custody on the grounds of drug charges.

No matter which county of Indiana you’re based in, arrests are a common occurrence. To avoid circumstances like this, you need to follow the law like a responsible citizen, avoid trouble as much as you can, and start hanging out with good company.

At the same time, it’s also imperative that you’re in touch with a reliable bail bond agent if a situation like this does arise.

Let’s see how a bail bond agent in Allen County can help you get someone out of jail:

What can you use as collateral?

Contrary to popular belief, state or county laws have nothing to do with the nature of collateral. It’ll always be up to your bail bond agency to decide what they accept as legitimate collateral.

Generally speaking, the bail bondsmen in Allen’s County accept credit cards, automobiles, real estate, bank accounts, precious metals, jewelry, and stocks.

The value of collateral is often more important than the form it takes. If you pose a high risk of skipping bail, the agency might require you to submit high-value collateral.

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Do bail bond prices vary across the county?

Ideally, all bail bond agencies should charge a 10% bond fee. This figure is set by the state and must be followed by all bail bondsmen.

If you feel like your bond company is charging you more than 10%, look for other options and compare them. Similarly, if someone is offering a rate as low as 4 or 5%, they might be fraudulent. It’s always better to check the authenticity and reliability of the service so you don’t  fall for a scam.

What are the bond conditions?

There will be certain conditions set by both the court and the bail bond agency.

The court has every right to issue your arrest warrant again if you’re seen getting involved in illegal matters. If you violate any more laws, the court might also not grant you bail at all.

Similarly, the bond agency sets a condition that the defendant must attend the court hearings. If you fail to do so, the agency might either ask you to surrender the collateral or hire bounty hunters to track you down.

If both the strategies fail to work, you may be required to completely pay the bail amount yourself.

No matter what part of Allen County you’re in, just give us a call and we would be right there. DeLaughter Bail Bonds is a 24-hour bail bond service based in Allen County. Contact us now.

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