White County

Professional Bail Bond consultancy in
White County, IN.

DeLaughter Bail Bonds Services has been proudly serving the people of Indiana for the past 9 years. Over time, we have created a team of certified bail bond agents who will help you or your loved ones stay out of jail. Going through trial and facing legal prosecution is a trying time for anyone, facing the possibility of incarceration is terrifying and feels even worse while you are in jail. When in a situation where you might be awaiting trial in jail, contact our professionals to get you out as fast as possible.

Strictly Professional Services

Having worked with the community of Indiana, we are well aware of the legal needs of the people. Over the years, we have accumulated a specialized set of knowledge that materializes in the way we train our bond agents. It also allows us to pre-empt the requirements of our customers to make sure that they do not have to spend much time behind bars. This helps us expedite the bail process for our clients and lower response times to our client’s calls.

We also offer advisory services to help our clients maintain their bail privileges. To keep enjoying bail, a defendant must uphold the agreements drawn up with the courts in return for bail. These agreements require clients to attend all subsequent court sessions, travel restrictions and courts sometimes forbid certain activities as well. We make sure that the courts have no reason to revoke bail and advise clientele on how best to keep living their lives despite the restrictions imposed on them.
Our services are not conditional on the charges brought against our clients. Our agents will work diligently to ensure that your freedoms are protected against any unnecessary encroachment.

We are always in your corner

We are available at all hours of the day. You may reach out to us at any time and we will come to your aid. We offer surety and transfer bonds services to our clients and our agents are always standing-by to assist in any way possible.
DeLaughter Bail Bonds Services works in White County, in the following cities:

White County Jail

Address: 915 West Hanawalt, Monticello, IN, 47960

Phone: (574) 583-2251

Business Hours: Monday-Sunday, 24 Hours

Contact our bonds agents immediately if ever in a situation that may lead to arrest or if you have been arrested. The faster you tell us, the quicker we can get you out.