Warrant County

Local Bail Bondsmen in
Warrent County, Indiana

DeLaughter Bail Bonds Services has been serving the community with distinction for almost a decade. Our team of bail bond professionals is specifically trained to offer the best counsel to our clients. Over the years we have gained the trust of the community for safeguarding their interests when facing incarceration. We offer our services to any who might need them, with no concern for the charges brought against them. Consult with our teams to find out about our services and the best options for your situation.

Surety and Transfer bond guarantors

There are very few who have come out unscathed from the experience of incarceration. The thought of being forced to live behind bars indefinitely is frightening enough to spend more time there. For those who are facing jail time, pending the initiation of or the judgment for their trial; we step in as the guarantor for their bail bond.

Since we have been working for 9 years on helping people post bail, we have developed an understanding of the usual legal requirements. Once you or your loved ones have been processed by jail authorities, we can expedite the process of posting bail to get them released immediately.

Pending the initiation of the trial and during the process of your trial, our team will keep up with your legal process. This allows us to offer follow up consultancy and helps you keep up with your legal commitments. Bail being awarded is subjected to conditions that must be upheld by the defendant. Failure to uphold the conditions is a major reason for why many defendants lose their bail privileges. DeLaughter Bail Bonds Services ensure that you make bail and offers advisory services, so you may keep those privileges.

Our team of certified bail bond agents will diligently keep track of your legal proceedings and remind you of any upcoming court dates. We will further advise on the ways to uphold your responsibilities as a defendant without significantly compromising your freedom.
Our agents are always on duty should the need for our services arise. We offer surety bonds and transfer bonds as may be required by our clients.

We have been working in Warren County, Indiana. Our service areas include the following cities;

  • Williamsport
  • West Lebanon
  • Kramer
  • Pine Village
  • State Line City
  • Tab

Warrent County Jail

Address: 29 East Second St, Williamsport, Indiana, 47993

Phone: (765) 764-4367

Business Hours: Monday-Sunday, 24 Hours

Contact our bonds agents immediately if ever in a situation that may lead to arrest or if you have been arrested. The faster you tell us, the quicker we can get you out