Vigo County

DeLaughter Bail Bonds Services in
Vigo County, Indiana

Witnessing a loved one get arrested is a difficult event to go through. The possibility that you may never see them ever again and the uncertainty of their legal status can be traumatic. Besides worrying about their jail time, so many things go through you mind; their safety, legal expenses and the pressure of the trial process itself. It may seem as if there is no way out of the situation, but DeLaughter Bail Bonds Services can help out. With about a decade of experience helping clients post bail, our team of certified bail bonds agents can make sure you and your loved ones are reunited once more. Call us today to learn more about our services and for information on bail laws in Indiana.

Consultancy and follow up services

The law states that every individual is protected from undue incarceration. You are innocent until proven guilty. It can be frustrating to know this and yet still spend time in jail during or before your trial. After all, if you have not been found guilty yet why should you be punished for it? You may be unable to pay bail because you cannot afford it or because you were arrested across county boundaries. DeLaughter Bail Bonds Services have a solution to each of those situations.

Our bail bonds agents will stand as guarantors for surety bonds to support you financially and will draw up transfer bonds if legal complications from jurisdiction conflict arise. Since we have been working in the community for quite a while, we can pre-empt any legal requirements that can arise for the citizens of Indiana. To this end we have developed organizational procedures that help us cater to any bail-related problem that may arise. Our agents will expedite your bail process to bring back your loved ones as soon as possible.

Once we have helped you post bail, we also offer consultancy for the conditions set on your bail. When bail is posted, courts also set conditions on what defendants can and cannot do while their trials are in progress. These conditions put restrictions on travel, require compulsory court attendance during proceedings and ban defendants from carrying out certain activities. Keeping up with these regulations can be difficult. Our agents will keep you updated with your court dates and educate you on the criminal process so you may keep your bail privilege.

Agents on 24/7 Stand-by

We can be contacted at any time of the day and on any day of the week for our surety and transfer bonds services. Our services are operational across all of Vigo County, including:

  • Terre Haute
  • West Terre Haute
  • St Mary’s
  • Seelyville
  • North Terre Haute
  • Prairie Creek
  • Riley
  • Allendale
  • Lewis

Vigo County Jail

Address: 201 Cherry St, Terre Haute, IN 47807

Phone: (812) 462-3224

Business Hours: Monday-Sunday, 24 Hours

For us to be able to help you to the fullest extent possible, your must contact our bond agents as soon as a situation that requires our services arises. Please feel free to call us if you just with to inquire about our services or need information of Bail Laws in Indiana.