Union County

Local Bail Bonds Consultancy in
Union County, Indiana

The people of Indiana have come to associate DeLaughter Bail Bonds Services with reliability. In our ten years serving the people of Indiana, we have offered excellent surety and transfer bond services for all sorts of charges. Our team is dedicated to preserving your freedom against undue incarceration. Through consistent effort and our comprehensive knowledge on the criminal process, we will make sure you are reunited with your loved ones at the earliest possible opportunity. Call us now for detailed information on our services or to hire us for bail bonds guarantee.

Expert Consultancy and Reliable Financial Support

Posting bail is a process chock full of bureaucratic complications. Going through the motions can be frustrating and time consuming, not to mention financially damaging. Most defendants find themselves stuck behind bars for no reason besides their legal ignorance or financial constraints. DeLaughter Bail Bonds services offers surety and transfer bail bonds services to make sure no obstacle stands between you and your liberty. Our professionally trained bail bonds agents will make sure that your bail process is expedited and you are reunited with your loved ones as soon as possible.

Once we have successfully posted bail on your behalf our consultants will make follow up calls to help you retain bail status. These follow up calls are made to remind you of upcoming court dates and offer information on court regulations that come with bail privileges. Your bail status is conditional on your compliance with court regulations. We make sure that you uphold all your responsibilities as a defendant by attending all subsequent court proceedings and respecting any other limitations on your activities.
With DeLaughter Bail Bonds services you can rest assured that your interests are in the best possible hands.

Our agents are available at all hours of the day. You can call us at any time when you need information on your bail options or someone to stand as guarantor for your bail.

There is no reason you have to spend excessive time in jail. We will look out for you until your trial is concluded.

DeLaughter Bail Bonds services works across all of Union County, this includes the following cities:

  • Liberty
  • West College Corner
  • Brownsville

Union County Sheriff’s Department

Address: 106 E Union St, Liberty, IN 47353

Phone: (765) 458-5194

Business Hours: Monday-Sunday, 24 Hours

Get in touch with our bond agents at the earliest to find out about our services and how we can help you. We are available 24 hours a day for you to reach out whenever you need.