Sullivan County

Bail Bonds Services in
Sullivan County, Indiana

DeLaughter Bail Bonds Services is offering its team of bail bonds agents to expedite your bail process. Our professional bail bonds agents possess comprehensive knowledge on the criminal procedure and bail posting processes. We can offer expert advice on your bail options and provide guidance to help you retain bail privileges for the duration of your trial. You need not spend any more time in custody than what the courts decide. The uncertainty of your legal status does not imply your guilt. Till then you deserve to live as a free citizen of Indiana.

Consultancy after posting bail

We can only imagine the stress of being incarcerated. The sense of isolation from your loved ones and the prospect of spending years in jail can be terrifying. To await your trial in these circumstances just adds to the sense of doom that you must experience. At a times like this, you need only the best bail bonds advisors in your corner who can reunite you with your family during this hardship.

DeLaughter Bail Bonds agents have been working for ten years, helping the citizens of Indiana post bail. We believe that no legal complications or financial constraints ought to stop you from enjoying all the freedoms you are owed. Going through incarceration while you await trial is unfair to you and a violation of your rights. We will bear the financial burdens of your bail and draw up surety or transfer bonds to help you post bail.

After your bail has been posted and your release is secured, our agents will keep you up to date with your trial’s progress. We will keep you reminded of your court dates so you may attend all subsequent court sessions. For as long as you comply with court conditions that come with bail status, no one can take away your freedom. With DeLaughter Bail Bonds Services, you can be sure that your liberty is never in jeopardy.

You can call upon DeLaughter Bail Bonds agency throughout the day for consultancy or guarantor services. Our agents are available 24/7 to help guide you through this difficult time.

DeLaughter Bail Bonds works in Sullivan County, Indiana. This includes the following cities:

  • Sullivan
  • Dugger
  • Hymera
  • Carlisle
  • Shelburn
  • Farmersburg
  • Merom
  • Fairbanks

Sullivan County Jail

Address: 24 S State St, Sullivan, IN 47882

Phone: (812) 268-430

Business Hours: Monday-Sunday, 24 Hours

For us to be able to help you to the fullest extent, we need you to get in touch with us immediately when you are incarcerated. The faster you get to us, the faster we will be able to get you out.