Steuben County


DeLaughter Bail Bonds is a local provider of bail bonds in Steuben County, Indiana. We provide expedited bail bond services any time of the day, at any time of the year. We believe that for justice to be served, no one should have to face punishment until they are proven guilty.

We make sure that our clients are safeguarded from undue hardship until such a point that their trials are initiated, and innocence established.


Getting arrested is a traumatic time for any person. It is a time when you require all the leeway you can get to fully comprehend your situation, and this cannot happen if you are in jail.

You need someone you can trust to come through for you. We offer that support without fail, to act as a trustworthy guarantor for when you find yourself held responsible for a situation you may not even have a hand in.

We offer services for any offense you may have been charged with. Our team of professionals will look out for your interests and loved ones with the understanding that the charges hold no worth until they are proven. It is the responsibility of those who can appreciate legality to guide those who may not. It is a responsibility that we recognize and commit to fulfilling.

To make sure that defendants uphold all legal responsibilities, we keep our customers informed of upcoming court dates or updates on their legal proceedings. You deserve the best shot at your defense that you can get; let us be your guide through these difficult times.

24 Hour Services

Our team works 24 hours a day, throughout the year so that no one may be exploited for their lack of information. It is enough that people are not aware of their rights, for no one to help them is unacceptable. Professionals at DeLaughter Bail Bond Services are always at your beck and call to help however you want them to:

Reach out to us today to work with our teams for your bail bonds. We offer the options of transfer and surety bonds all across Steuben County, which includes the following cities:

  • Angola
  • Orland
  • Fremont
  • Clear Lake
  • Hudson
  • Turkey Creek

Steuben County Jail

Address: 206 E Gale St, Angola, IN, 46703

Phone: (260) 668-1000

Business Hours: Monday-Sunday, 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Get in touch with our bond agents at the earliest to find out about our services and how we can help you. We are available 24 hours a day for you to reach out whenever you need.