Starke County

Local Bail Bonds Services in
Starke County, IN

DeLaughter Bail Bonds Services is at your service 24/7 to stand in as guarantors when you post bail. Incarceration can be emotionally and physically strenuous. The possibility of being trapped in a room indefinitely is a scary idea; it comes with a sense of powerlessness that no one deserves to experience. There is no need to spend time in jail when you are yet to be proven guilty. For as long as your trial is in process, you have the right to enjoy all the freedom that any free individual has. We help you exercise the greatest extent of freedom possible.

Post-Bail Consultation

The process of posting bail can be rather complicated. While defendants are released after posting bail, they are technically still treated as inmates. Before bail can be posted, defendants are processed by jail authorities and there is no specified time for when the process is completed. For that time, defendants spend time waiting for the process to be completed. We can help move that process along faster and have all the documentation ready to be submitted to the courts as soon as possible. With us, you can walk out of jail almost as soon as you walk in.

Besides the process of getting bail, there is an exhaustive list of regulations that are imposed on defendants. Bail is conditional on compliance with these regulations which include; mandatory attendance for all court proceedings, travelling restrictions and limitations on the defendant’s activities. Failure to uphold these terms could lead to a revocation of the bail. These technicalities can be difficult to understand and to further uphold. DeLaughter Bail Bonds Services agents will also offer information on these conditions to make sure that the courts have no reason to snatch away your freedom.

24/7 Services

There is no telling when and where you may be arrested. Our bail bond agents are on call 24/7 so you may reach out to them whenever you need. We offer surety and transfer bonds services for any and every charge that may be brought up against you or your loved ones.
We operate across the entirety of Starke County, Indiana. This includes all the cities in County jurisdiction, including:

  • Knox
  • North Judson
  • San Pierre
  • Bass Lake
  • Hamlet

Starke County Jail

Address: 5435 IN-8, Knox, IN, 46534

Phone: (574) 772-3772

Business Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 04:00 PM

Our team of Bail Bonds Agents are always on stand-by to assist those who may need our services in the shortest response time possible. Contact our agents for further information or if you wish to employ us as guarantors for any bail bond related matters.