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Getting arrested is a moment of intense uncertainty. You are concerned for your safety and wondering whether you will be able to see your loved ones ever again. You might feel trapped and helpless as you spend your time behind those four walls of jail. In these circumstances, you need some solid foundation that can support you through the legal process and your trial. DeLaughter Bail Bonds Services has proven itself to be a reliable bail bonds guarantor in the 10 years that we have worked in Indiana. Call us for more information on our transfer and surety bonds guarantor or consultancy services in Spencer County, Indiana.

Licensed Bail Bonds Agents

As you consider your possible bail options, you need someone who is experienced in the bail procedure to guide you through the process. Our team of bail bondsmen is comprised of certified professionals who have plenty of experience helping defendants post bail. Our services are not conditional on the charges brought against you and we make it a priority to expedite your bail procedure. Once you call us up, we will jump to assist you as either surety/transfer bail bonds guarantors or consultants on your bail process.

After we have successfully posted bail on your behalf, you may call on us to offer consultancy services. Bail privileges in Indiana are conditional upon compliance with court regulations. You must follow a comprehensive set of court-prescribed rules that include financial restrictions and mandatory attendance at subsequent court sessions. It may be difficult to understand the full set of instructions without an experienced hand explaining them to you. DeLaughter Bail Bonds has been working in Indiana for 10 years on helping defendants post bail. Our agents are fully qualified to answer any questions you might have on surety and transfer bail bonds or criminal procedure.

Available 24/7

DeLaughter Bail Bonds agent are available to stand as guarantors for bail bonds or to offer advice on your bail options as you await trial. Working with us means you can rest easy.

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Spencer County Community Corrections

Address: 219 Main St, Rockport, IN 47635

Phone: (812) 649-6048

Business Hours: Monday-Sunday, 24 Hours

Contact our bonds agents immediately if ever in a situation that may lead to arrest or if you have been arrested. The faster you tell us, the quicker we can get you out