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When you’re arrested, it can be a very difficult time. In that moment, you feel an overwhelming amount of emotions. Being in that state of mind will makes it impossible to make a decision and you may require an expert to advise you on your next step. DeLaughter Bail Bonds agents have been working for 10 years on helping citizens of Indiana make bail for any charges brought against them. Contact us for surety and transfer bonds services today.

Surety and Transfer Bonds Services

You are protected from undo incarceration under the law. Many defendants who are awaiting trial can potentially get bail privileges but do not. The two reasons for that can be financial constraints or legal complications for jurisdictional conflict. Neither of these reasons is a valid excuse to keep you behind bars and away from your family. DeLaughter Bail Bonds agents work diligently to secure your release from jail by standing as guarantors. When working with DeLaughter Bail Bonds, rest assured that you will be back at your home in no time.

Many people do not know that bail privileges are conditional upon compliance with certain court conditions. Many defendants lose out on their bail privileges because they are unaware of their responsibilities as bail recipients. These conditions include travel and financial restrictions as well as mandatory attendance at subsequent court hearings. Once we have secured your release from jail, our agents will begin keeping track of your legal proceedings. We conduct this follow up exercise to make sure that you fully understand the rules you must comply with and are made aware of upcoming court dates.

We do not offer legal services. You will still need an attorney to take up your case. Our agent will still answer any questions you might have about the bail process or the criminal procedure. We feel that the more you know, the easier you will find it to come out of this experience unharmed.

DeLaughter Bail Bondsmen are always available for consultancy and guarantor services. You may call us at any time of the day and at any time of the week for our fullest support.

DeLaughter Bail Bonds is also operational in Scott County. This includes the following cities:

  • Scottsburg
  • Austin
  • Lexington

Scott County Sheriff

Address: 111 S 1st St, Scottsburg, IN 47170

Phone: (812) 752-8400

Business Hours: Monday-Sunday, 24 Hours

If you ever find yourself in trouble with law enforcement, reach out to us at the earliest for us to expedite you bail process. Our agents are available 24/7 to render guarantor or consultancy services.