Pulaski County

Local Bail Bondsman in
Pulaski County, Indiana

DeLaughter Bail Bonds Services has been proudly providing bail bonds services since 2010. Our team of bond agents is available 24/7 to help defendants post bail and get them home safe and sound. Getting arrested is not a pleasant experience, the fear for your safety and the possibility of being restrained to a single cell can be horrifying. Our bonds services is always on hand to help you with the bail posting process, so you may enjoy the company of your loved ones at one of the most difficult time of your life.

Surety and Transfer Bonds

Getting arrested is traumatic enough an experience in itself. The possibility of being stuck in custody until your trial is processed can make you feel truly powerless. This episode can be traumatic for you and your loved ones. This trauma is easily avoidable and it is not beyond you to overcome it. We offer both surety bonds and transfer bonds if you cannot afford to post bail or are arrested across counties.

Our team of experienced bail bond agents is well aware of the technicalities associated with posting bail. They try everything in their power to move along the formalities of posting bail; inmate processing, preparation and submission of documents takes a long time without an agent. They further advise you on the regulations imposed on a defendant after they post bail. We will ensure that you comply with all the terms of receiving bail imposed on your by the courts. Failure to comply with these conditions could lead to your bail being revoked; our agents will keep you updated with court dates and your legal process.

Always at your service

The DeLaughter Bail Bonds Services team can be contacted at any time of the day and on all 7 days of the week. We take our commitment to the preservation of individual freedom very seriously and do everything in our power to ensure that no one is unnecessarily detained.

We work across the entire Pulaski County, which includes the following cities:

  • Winamac
  • Medaryville
  • Francesville
  • Star City

Pulaski County Sheriff

Address: 110 E Meridian St, Winamac, IN, 46996

Phone: (574) 946-6655

Business Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 04:00 PM

If you or a loved one find yourself in a position where you may be faced with jail time; get in touch with our bond agents so we may initiate your bail posting process as soon as possible.