Posey County

Expert Bail Bonds Consultancy and Reliable Guarantor services in Posey County, Indiana

The experience of incarceration is rather unpleasant. Being restricted to just four walls and being under guard is terrifying. It can be even more horrific if you are awaiting trial and considering the possibility of indefinite incarceration. At this time, you need the full support of your loved ones to get through the grueling court proceedings. You also need to be at peace when you are being tried for whatever charges have been brought against you. This cannot happen if you are in jail. DeLaughter Bail Bonds will secure your release from prison through its surety and transfer bonds services.

After release consultancy services

The bail procedure in Indiana is a rather complicated affair. It requires familiarity with the legal process and in depth knowledge of the criminal process. If you post bail yourself, you might have to go through far more trouble than if you hire an expert bail bondsman to do that for you. All of DeLaughter Bail Bonds agents are certified and possess vast knowledge about the bail process. For this reason, we can post bail on your behalf far more quickly and without hassle.

Once we are contacted, our agents will make a full assessment of your legal requirements. Although we do not offer legal advice of any sort, our agents will answer any questions you have about the criminal or the bail process in Indiana. If you hire us for surety and transfer bonds services, we will begin the process immediately. Our agents will stand as guarantors for you bail bonds irrespective of the charges brought up against you, your financial standing or if you have been arrested across county borders.

After we have secured your release from jail, we keep track of your court proceedings to keep you updated on your legal process. Retaining your bail privileges requires that you attend all subsequent court proceedings and complying with travel/financial restrictions. Our agents will keep you informed of all such conditions so you may keep your bail privileges.

DeLaughter Bail Bonds agents can be contacted at any time of the day and at any time of the week throughout Posey County, Indiana. This includes the following cities:

  • Mount Vernon
  • New Harmony
  • Poseyville
  • Cynthiana
  • Griffin

Posey County Jail

Address: 1201 Brittle Bank Rd, Mt Vernon, IN 47620

Phone: (812) 838-1321

Business Hours: Monday-Sunday, 24 Hours

Contact our bond agents as soon as you or your loved ones get arrested or sent to jail. The earlier you get in touch with us, the faster it is we can get you help.