Pike County

Surety and Transfer Bonds Services in
Pike County, Indiana

When someone close to you gets arrested, you are bound to feel helpless in acting for their safety. This sense of resignation to their indefinite incarceration can be the cause of much emotional trauma. As a citizen of the state of Indiana, neither you nor your loved one is obligated to go through this stress. To serve time in prison before you have been sentenced guilty after a proper trial is unfair and unnecessary. DeLaughter Bail Bonds Agents will help you secure your release and instill in you the power that you possess as a free citizen of the state of Indiana.

Expert Consultancy after securing release

Bail procedures in Indiana are complicated and swamped with red tape. It requires expertise in the criminal procedure and the bail process to navigate through all of the hassle involved in posting bail. At a time when you are already overcome with concern for your loved ones, let us take on the effort of helping them post bail. DeLaughter Bail Bonds agents are fully capable of preparing and submitting the required documentation for your bail to the relevant authorities. We will also stand as guarantors for your surety or transfer bail bonds.

After we have reunited you with your loved one, our agents will initiate a follow up process. At DeLaughter bail Bonds Services, once we have secured your release; we ensure it stays that way. Bail privileges are dependent on the fulfilling defendant responsibilities. These responsibilities are a set of comprehensive conditions that you must comply with if you wish to retain your bail status. Navigating through the court conditions can be difficult since they include specific restrictions on what actions you can carry out. Many defendants lose their bail privileges because they cannot keep track of these conditions. Our agents will inform you of these conditions and keep track of your court proceedings to remind you of upcoming court dates.

DeLaughter will be with you at every step of the way from the moment we post your bail to the point that your trial is concluded.

24/7 Services, no exceptions

DeLaughter Bail Bonds agents remain ever vigilant for defendants who may require our services. You may call us at any time throughout the week for our surety and transfer bail bonds guarantor or consultancy services.

DeLaughter Bail Bonds Services offers its services across Pike County. This includes the following regions:

  • Petersburg
  • Winslow
  • Spurgeon
  • Union

Pike County Sheriff’s Office

Address: 100 S 4th St, Petersburg, IN 47567

Phone: (812) 354-6024

Business Hours: Monday-Sunday, 24 Hours

For us to work at our best, we need to be made aware of any situation involving incarceration as soon as possible. Reach out to our bond agents at the earliest for a quick resolution to your situation.