What a Bail Bondman Does in the Process of Making Bail

Let’s hope that you never do anything that would require the assistance of a bail bondsman.

However, if something unfortunate does happen, and you land in jail, it’s better that you figure out your next step so you don’t feel helpless later.

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Here, we mention some of the basic details that every bail bondsman will ask of you, and why!

What Your Bail Bondsman Needs

First, if you need the help of a bail bondsman, they need to know your exact location i.e. which jail you are currently in. If you can provide all that yourself, it’s fine. However, if not, you will need to convey all this information to a loved one or friend who would hire the bail bondsman on your behalf.

They’ll need your full name, booking number, social security number and all other important information. They will also ask for the bail amount so they can prepare it. After that, they’ll discuss the pricing options. Typically, if you’re opting for a surety bond, your agent will only charge a certain percentage of the final number, around 10-15 percent.

After the fee is set, they will bring the amount to the court so the defendant can be released. But you won’t be out of the woods yet.

What If You Skip Bail?

After you are released, you will be required to attend the trial, by the court as well as your agent. If you end up skipping bail (not appearing on your court date) that bail amount will be surrendered to the court. If such a situation occurs, your bail bond agent will have the right to locate you through any legal means necessary.

Keep in mind that skipping bail is illegal so you could be in a lot of legal troubles if you don’t follow through on your promise.

In addition, if you do so, the people close to you, your friends or family member who co-signed the bail bond will automatically become responsible for the amount, which will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.

When Facing Criminal Charges!

If you believe that you may at one point need the help of a bail bondsman, then take the right steps!

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